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ux, visual


Grubhub, in-house


Sayoko Yoshida


The process for account creation at checkout in the web experience was identified as a pain point due to its unwieldiness, and showed conversion sitting at 26.37% on desktop and 11.69% on mobile web. To tackle this, we focused on collecting data in segments, providing better messaging to explain why that data helps the diner, enabling address and email change mid-process, and eliminating the need for an address on pickup orders. This more mobile-friendly process showed positive results in A/B testing with conversion increases of 2.57% on desktop and 8.20% on mobile web.

Our diners' sign-up paths are anticipated by providing the ability to go back, cancel altogether, or to edit gathered information appropriately. Minor error states appear in-line, whereas a major error like a previously used email surfaces a block notification and opportunity to change the email input.

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