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ui, ux


Grubhub, in-house


Vasu Tyagi (PM)


At launch for Grubhub's scheduled ordering feature, the default timepicker was a set of three dropdowns which were not only burdensome, but set our diners up to fail by allowing them to choose invalid times in 30-minute increments for food delivery. A person's ability to browse between restaurants also opened the possibly of what seemed to be infinite error states. Our goal was to reduce friction, increase times to 15-minute intervals, and only permit the choosing of valid times on timepickers across web, iOS, and Android. This posed a challenge: whereas any restaurant may then require about 90 possible selections, our 24/7 service created about 245 from the search page. How would we build for the most common use case while accommodating hundreds of possible variations?

The solutions focus on common scenarios, ASAP and midday, by defaulting the current day to the nearest time and days ahead to noon. If browsing a restaurant, the timepicker communicates available hours and limits the selections as thus. This eliminates error states while clearly communicating restraints to diners.

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