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Denise DeLeon, Robert Hoang

As Lake|Flato approached its 30th year in business, previous graphic systems were outdated and the brand was stale amidst peer firms. A long overhaul was required, beginning with the creation and enforcement of new graphic standards and an adjusted logo. Pulling from firm history, an old gray was expanded into lighter tones and complemented by a more refreshing orange pantone and new earth tones. DIN was implemented as the standard font for its variety and readability.

In 2012, Lake|Flato entered the realm of social media to push the brand online and extend its reach among peers, fans, clients, and potential employees. The Dogrun blog was designed and developed to give the firm another avenue for content generation and controlled publicity. After less than 1.5 years online, Lake|Flato gained nearly 4000 followers beween Twitter and Facebook and had the third greatest Hubspot Marketing Grader Score of the highly regarded AD100.

Simultaneously, the main website and Porch House website were redeveloped to propel the growing and award-winning brand. Templates for marketing materials and office standards were reconceptualized, including RFQ/RFP response, interview presentations, conference packages, tour maps, case studies, stationery (ongoing), sector brochures, employee orientation practices and manual (ongoing), and client gifts. Open asset software was phased in to make image content management more efficient and contained. These many changes required the training of over 65 employees in how to effectively use, maintain, and spread the brand using new techniques and technologies mixed with the tried and true.

The overhaul of Lake|Flato's brand and standards is meant to evoke the care and effort of the firm's sustainability values. This reinvigorated public presence has pushed the firm into international work and encouraged the employees to participate and produce more. In 2012, Lake|Flato joined Public Architecture's 1% initiative. A fresh and professional new face not only promoted the work and design philosophy, but catalyzed the firm's active community passion and furthered the conversation held with people around the world.

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