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Bill Aylor AIA


The concept for Lake|Flato Porch House developed in 2010 and needed strong publicity to gain exposure. Working initially with Ted Flato and Lowell Williams (the logo designer) we came up with the idea of a narrative format based on renderings and process. At this point, the firm had little finished work to show and the Porch House’s potential flexibility was described in detail on its website as an attempt to anticipate any concerns over its process. The Porch House needed a quick launch, but the website ended up with a redundant and complicated message, and too much unfinished work. The navigation lacked cohesiveness and caused confusion. As material developed, and in an effort to simplify the message of Porch House, the navigation and content were re-designed and programmed in 2012 under consultation of the managing architect.

The dark-gray aesthetic and three-column grid, carried over from Lake|Flato’s main website, remained in-tact but refined. Newly developed graphic standards for the firm were applied to the Porch House website. Information like room plans and projects were stacked for cleaner browsing – Google Analytics had shown most visitors spending between only 5-30 seconds per page. To fit with a continually adapting work-flow the architectural team was facing, emphasis was placed on the sustainable efficiency of Porch House’s vernacular style and flexible process.

To create ease of use for our clients, the website is compatible with most devices and screen sizes, with downloadable room plans. Easier access to social media and contacts helped tie the Porch House website into Lake|Flato’s other online outlets. The newly redesigned website launched in early 2013 as a publicity push timed with Southern Living Magazine's article and now boasts over 1400 “likes” (or shares) on Facebook. With it comes an appealing message for Porch House based in design efficiency and simplicity. This website attempts to inspire the viewer to inquire, gaining a personal connection and potential client for Lake|Flato.

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