/ states of matter

project type

exhibit design


UT Design Class of 2011,

Kate Catterall



"States of Matter" investigates three facets of one project by each of 16 designers. The exhibition format offers viewers an intimate understanding of each project through the inclusion of process material and contextual booklet alongside a final artifact. This tripartite arrangement situates all states of the project for equal consideration and suggests that the design process can yield more than one conclusion.

This exhibit evolved from concept to production over three months for the Center Space at the University of Texas Visual Arts Center. Marketing ephemera, video, and online media promoted the show in parallel with development. "States of Matter" included a documentation video in reference to the exhibit itself being a design problem with topics ranging from the physicality of type to food sustainability and Norwegian Black Metal. These divere works were brought together under a cohesive visual theme visible from neighboring galleries, with the four different angles of entry carefully considered.

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