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advocacy campaign

How does one begin to have a conversation about the wicked problem that is American food — cow-feeding operations, water pollution and abuse, quick-serving culture, health-care costs — our food truly reaches every aspect of our lives yet we provide it little thought. This project deals with a narrower scope of two Texas giants: corn and cows. Opting-out of the typically aggressive campaign that viewers hope to bypass in their busy day, I instead decided on a passive and conversational effort.

The Texas cities of Houston and San Antonio have long been familiar with the country’s top ten most obese cities. In 2010 the Center for Disease Control found that 66% of Texas adults and 17% of children were overweight. Attitudes towards food needed to be challenged. I researched an appropriate vernacular for the project including typeface, logo, colors, and language. This campaign would infiltrate routines and use satire to force viewers into reconciling the common imagery, sayings, and prideful Texas songs with cited statistics. Distribution of fold-out posters and social media encourage the public to re-evaluate their consumer role in today’s quick-serving culture by engaging them intellectually and culturally. Ephemera are distributed passively in locations like bus stops, restrooms, and cafeterias. Viewers are encouraged to go online to find resources, information, and engage with others.

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